How to Select a Freelance Writer

The internet is full of independent professional freelance writers. If you type “freelance writer” into a search engine, you will see page after page of websites designed to advertise the skills of one freelance writer after another. So, what should you look for to help you make the right decision for your content needs?

Check out the writing samples page

Most freelance writers have a portfolio page with links to their work. Don’t just look at the page, but actually click on the link and see what the author’s writing style is. Depending on the type of writing you need, this may affect you. Whether you need reviews, informative articles, blog posts, or something completely different, you should be able to see if an author fits your plans. Don’t let this page decide for you, as the author could easily write something you need but haven’t written before, or write as a ghostwriter, meaning they can’t link to it and claim it’s their work.


Testimonials and testimonials from other clients are a great way to see a writer’s reputation. Remember that new writers may not have credentials, which doesn’t mean they’re bad, just that they might be new to writing for a client rather than a content site. Check out their samples and read their testimonials to learn more about authors’ experience writing content for the web.


A freelance writer who can meet your needs in content, scheduling, submission methods, and even some publicity and contacts is a treasure not to be missed. Most of freelance writers online are available in various positions and can handle many tasks to make your life easier. Finding versatile freelance writers is like panning for gold. You will find versatile writers with rates designed to let you take advantage of their many services in an affordable way.

There is no one right way to choose a freelance writer, and until you find someone who fits your needs and budget, you will most likely meet someone who doesn’t. Shop around and find a writer who can confidently provide the service you need, but don’t turn down a novice trying to deal with clients. You could be the first client of a great writer who will professionally serve your content needs for years.



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