Paying Writing Jobs for Freelancers

While there are tons of freelance writing job opportunities online, there are also tons of freelance writing scams online. Because every transaction is done online, there is often the great risk of not getting the value of the item, or even worse, not getting paid at all. In some cases, once the project is completed and shipped to the client, the writer falls below the agreed price or never hears from the client again.

The trick then is to know how to avoid freelance online writing scams.

Don’t be fooled by vacancies that promise you a good salary. If you think the offer is too good to be true, chances are the offer is a scam.

While online freelance writing jobs can become lucrative and well-paid, how much you earn largely depends on the quality of your work and the number of articles you regularly publish. This means that you should not expect to get a freelance online writing job that is effortless or very easy, but pays well.

To avoid freelance online writing scams, make sure you’re looking for paid work in the right places. While job sites such as Craig List, Directfreelance, Freelance Work Exchange, and Monster post jobs for freelance writing online, the credibility of the person posting the ad still needs to be checked and questioned. Check the potential employer’s contact information, such as their website and phone number, and conduct some required research and background checks. When employers check the background of their potential freelance online writers, applicants should do the same. This is to ensure that the project being carried out is legitimate and that you are sure to be paid.

Check out free online writing forums. If a contractor or client is very popular, or has been dealing with online freelance writers for a while, chances are there are discussions about them on various writing forums. If you can’t find important information about a prospect, you can post inquiries and questions about your client online. A freelance online writer who has experience working with your prospect can tell you if the deal is a scam or not.

It is wise to accept a few assignments for long-term and large projects first. Once project legitimacy and client credibility are established, larger longer-term projects can begin.

Unfortunately, there will always be scams on the internet (they come in many forms, so be warned). But that alone shouldn’t stop you from considering freelance and paid online writing jobs as a part-time or even full-time career.



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