A To Do List For Beginning Freelance Writers

Have you finally decided to become a freelance writer? Have you considered this writing career well enough? Do you realize that you may not be the first on the list of freelance writers looking for assignments as there are many others joining?

Therefore, it is recommended that all budding freelance writers develop something unique in them to become great writers. There is some anecdotal evidence that writers who start out in the field really go out of their way to impress clients.

Here’s a to-do list for aspiring freelance writers who want to learn the hidden secrets of the freelance writing world.

1 – Use an alternative method to submit your CV: Resume is no longer seen as a great tool to attract more clients. The new tools replacing resumes are business cards and even online portfolios. Your interactions with customers are most important. As the saying goes, “the first impression is the last impression”.

2 – Go beyond your conventional knowledge base: This is an important mantra for all aspiring freelance writers to keep in mind. You don’t just write content that falls within your field. It is self-limiting and won’t let you progress until you try a different topic. Going outside your comfort zone also improves your freelance writer knowledge.

3 – Build Your Network: As a budding freelance writer, you need to build a solid network of clients, which will eventually increase your income. Remember that building a successful network is only possible if you provide timely, relevant, authentic content. Always stay in touch with your customers via email, web chat (Skype) or other mobile means.

4 – Don’t market your content in overly generic terms: Your content is a reflection of your skills and your articles shouldn’t be crafted in a way that seems overly generic and almost boring. Freelancers need to submit interesting work every time to keep their clients’ attention longer.

5 – Dedicate time to your writing: For all aspiring freelance writers, it is important to write every day and get as many quality articles as possible within their means. This way you will gradually improve and be able to set new, more challenging standards for yourself.

The world of freelance writing is incredibly vast and offers great opportunities for a variety of jobs. As a budding freelance writer, it becomes important to educate yourself on all the ins and outs of a writing career. This allows you to make the right decision at the right time and of course get more writing jobs and make more money.




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