Writing a Freelance Writer Resume

Anyone embarking on a freelance writing career should have experience writing a freelance writer resume. You need it to showcase your best work both online and offline to help you get the job you want. An impressive, well-written resume from freelance writers can help you stand out from the crowd vying for the same project or position as you.

One of the great things about being a freelance writer is that you have more flexibility in writing your resume than in other professions. You don’t always have to follow the same guidelines or rules as a traditional resume.

You can even use your writing skills in your resume as a freelance writer to showcase your creativity and talents. Here are some tips for writing a freelance writer resume.

Writing a Resume for a Freelance Writer – Preparation To start writing a resume for a freelance writer, you need to be well prepared. You’ll want to compile a list of all the clients you’ve worked with before and the sites you’ve written for them. If you have too many to list, focus on the ones that will impress potential customers the most. You should always have a complete list of clients on hand for personal use, and when submitting resumes for a particular writing area, you can select the ones that best meet your needs.

Next, I suggest you list all of your writing services. what can you do? What are you best at? What will you offer potential customers? A bulleted list is a great way to cover the types of writing services you offer on your resume.

Writing a Resume for a Freelance Writer – Putting All the Pieces Together Then you’ll want to put all the pieces together by writing a summary of your writing experience. Also briefly describe how long you have been a freelancer, what your specialty is and what you have to offer clients. If you have degrees, diplomas, and certificates that directly relate to your writing, then you should include them here as well.

This is also a chance for you to add some personal items. You can describe how you became a writer, why you love writing and what you are passionate about. These things are important to potential clients who want to hire you. It’s important to keep it professional, but clients will also be looking for a personal touch that will make you stand out.



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